Our 6 principles to TravelFAIR

We have never been strict environmentalists. Nevertheless, we follow some principles on our journey; because we want to travel the world, but ideally not at its expense.

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We prefer the land route.

Of all transport options, flying has the greatest impact on our environment (it is estimated that up to 75% of tourism-related CO2 emissions are caused by flights). We abstain from flying as far as possible and prefer to travel by land, by train, bus, car, biking and running (Sustainable Tourism).


We compensate for our flights.

Every now and then we depend on flying, e.g. to fly over borders for which we do not get an overland visa (while travelling). In order to compensate for the CO2 generated by our flights, we donate exactly as much money as is necessary to remove our CO2 share from the atmosphere to environmental projects through atmosfair.

We eat local.

This principle is particularly easy for us, as to us the local specialties are always among the main attractions of a country. We eat at weekly markets, in small local restaurants and on street stalls, instead of consuming from international chains & producers (well, sometimes it needs some “Kinder” chocolate).


We reduce our meat consumption.

What we have already begun in Europe, we continue on our trip: We eat little or no meat, as far as our curiosity for traditional dishes allows it. According to an Oxford study, much of the world’s agricultural land is used for livestock farming or animal food; and for us that is not worth the schnitzel.

We reduce our plastic consumption and communicate this, too.

We try to strengthen our own awareness for this topic, but also the awareness in plastic-affine countries. So if we reject plastic bags, straws, plastic lids, etc. at the cash register or in the restaurant, we also mention why (“we try to reduce plastic, …”).

We are committed to volunteering.

For us it is a privilege to be born in Europe and to travel the world now. As Europeans, we have often benefited from other countries, which is why we want to use this journey to give something back to other people through our work.